Crown Perth 88 Noodle Bar....... Yay or Nay??

Eating Asian cuisine with a Nut Allergy? I know what your thinking......'She's nuts'.

But actually Asian cuisines is one of my favourites! When I was younger I was so lucky to be taken on many holidays by my parents. I felt like we went everywhere, experiencing different cultures, food, lifestyles. The travel that I did when I was younger really has shaped who I am today.....and given me a terrible travel bug! (Thanks mum & dad)

Shortly after we discovered I had a nut allergy we travelled to Malaysia, and not realising I dived into the Chicken and Cashew nut dish.....bad mistake! I was incredibly sick and had to go to the doctors straight away- pretty scary in a foreign country as well. As I got older and travelled to different places I realised how accommodating restaurants are overseas in regards to an allergy. I have travelled to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali- and each time have been amazed by the care taken in my meals. It was only on a recent trip to Bali where we visited the Mulia resort for the Sunday Brunch (Amazing by the way- I highly recommend) and I mentioned to the waiter that I had a nut allergy. Now usually this Sunday Brunch is a buffet- help yourself kind of scenario. Well from that moment on I had the chef come out and speak to me and for the rest of the afternoon I was getting personalised plates bought to me that were 'nut-free', it was just so amazing that they went above and beyond to make me feel safe and welcome to eat there.

Now back in Perth.....its a different story.

You tell one waitress you have an allergy and it's literally like a bomb has just been dropped in the restaurant and no one knows how to handle it.

So recently when me and my fiancé stayed at Crown Perth, we were choosing somewhere to go for dinner. I felt like something different and hadn't been to the 88 Noodle Bar before. Looked up their menu online (as you do) and felt safe about going as they had symbols on their menu indicating what dishes had nuts in them and what didn't. 

At dinner, my fiancé ordered the Thai Green Curry, and some spring rolls for entree, I picked out  the chicken Kway Teow, a fairly standard asian noodle dish. I mentioned to the wattress that I just wanted to inform her that I had a nut allergy, so the kitchen was aware.

Then I get the standard, "well we can't guarantee, because their is nuts in the kitch......blah blah blah" heard it all before.

She then proceeded to tell me that for all the noodle dishes they use the same Wok............

Im sorry? What....

I said well Im sorry but I don't think that I can eat here, because that would mean every dish would be contaminated. 

There was no offer to have it cooked in a clean separate wok, which is very disappointing because I'm sure I am not the only person who has gone their with an allergy. Even someone with a seafood allergy would be affected.

I was told that I could "maybe" have the chicken teriyaki and rice as that was cooked in a separate station.

Unfortunately "a maybe" isn't worth my life or anyone else's.

Hopefully they can pick up their game a little bit more accommodating to dietary requirements, especially being a top hotel and resturaunt chain such as Crown Perth.


All But Nuts




you had me at nut free!

Desserts for any one with an allergy is generally going to be a rough time..... and a nut allergy well thats just on another level.

Generally most desserts have a hazelnut fudge, peanut brittle or even a pistachio crumb, ordering an ice cream is sometimes the safest option, but don't be fooled. See even having ice cream is a bit of a nightmare... you have to think about if they have used same ice cream scoop or even just how the ice cream is made in it's facility.

Not to worry though Bulla Family Dairy have come to the rescue with their brand new Nut Free Vanilla Ice Cream. Bulla have dedicated an entire factory facility to produce it's brand new product. They are also working closely with everyone involved to ensure everyone is educated on the quality and the safety of the product.

It makes me so incredibly happy that a brand is taking an allergy so seriously and making it available to people like me who miss out. Education and awareness with allergies are the only way we are going to be able to eat safely.

and the flavour?.... as beautiful and creamy as ever!! Being "nut and gluten" free hasn't altered the beautiful Bulla taste!


Bulla Nut Free Ice Cream

My Mexican Fiesta @ Matters of Taste Cooking School

This is only the second cooking class Ive been too in my life....and I think I'm addicted!

You learn so many tips and tricks and of course delicious recipes to impress your friends & family with!

I received a voucher to go to a class at this school and was beyond impressed by their website and information on each class. Of course when doing something like this you want to know exactly what your getting into, and this class is pretty much bang on with its description!

I found it so handy that each class had noted on it if it was; Crustacean Free, Nut Free or Gluten Free! This was a big win for me, and was so excited to come to the class.

I chose the Mexican Fiesta class- as generally Mexican doesn't contain nuts, and it was a safe class for me to do.

We arrived at the class- and what an AMAZING kitchen and space they have. (I wish my kitchen looked like that). We were then introduced to our chef Bryony and found out what we would be cooking.

These were the dishes we got to make

•    Pulled Pork Tortillas

•    Tomato Lime Salsa

•    Jalapeno Spiked Street Corn

•    Grilled Chicken Mole Ancho

•    Lime Chipotle Mayo Dressed Slaw

•    Red Tomato Rice, Black Beans

•    Tres Leches Cake (Three Milk Cake), Raspberries

My favourite definitely had to be the Pulled Pork tortillas accompanied by the tomato lime salsa and Jalapeño Spiked Street Corn.

Being a hands on class it was great to be able to prepare the food from start to finish and see it all come together. Then once it was all ready we sat down and, as the name suggests, had a big Mexican fiesta.

After tucking into the food, I noticed I started having an odd sensation in my mouth. The sensation of a reaction.... I was puzzled because we had cooked everything ourselves and had seen all the ingredients and there were no nuts. After a few moments I realised the only ingredient I wasn't familiar with was the tamarind root that was used to make the grilled chicken marinade. 

Upon googling what a tamarind was I found this interesting information via

"Tamarind is a spice which, is used in making cumin. Tamarind spice is made from brown bean-pod of the tamarind tree. The spice is made from a legume and legume can be allergic to some people. To avoid this problem it is very necessary to make sure that the person having this spice is not allergic to legume. It is not necessary that the person having tamarind should be allergic to legume because, tamarind also contents other legumes like peas, lentil, beans and peanuts which can be allergic. That is why it is important to make sure where the allergy is from."

I knew I was only having a mild reaction, so the use of my epipen wasn't needed, although I knew I had to get some antihistamines pronto!

I had a chat with Bryony on the way out-who was just as baffled as I was to find that the tamarind  is related to peanuts. Im glad that mine was only a minor reaction, as my allergies are more so tree nuts than peanuts, but someone with a severe peanut allergy could have been in trouble .

I do hope they might reconsider their marinade choice of the chicken, as then it would truly be a 'nut free' class.

I did still thoroughly enjoy this class and look forward to attending more classes in the future.....Nut Free of Course!



All But Nuts



Where it all began...

Nuts..... Who knew they would cause such drama. So small, and tasty?.... or so i've heard. It's been a long 20 years for me since I first discovered I was allergic to nuts. I've been told i'm missing out, and most of the time I do feel that way.  I've learnt to live with it and now I hope I can share some stories and offer some insight to this unfortunate occurence.

On a family trip down south my Dad thought I might like a snack..... his snack of choice- Cashews. This didn't really go down so Dad looked at my face swelling up and struggling to breathe, he called mum who was working in Perth "Hey Darl.....ahh is she allergic to nuts?". After the histeria had diminished, some antihistamines and ventolin stopped the reaction.... and Dad was not allowed to share his snacks with me ever again!

After a trip to the Doctor and an Allergy Specialist Dr Colin Somerville back in Perth, it was confirmed I was anaphalactic to all nuts......

  • Peanuts
  • Almonds
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Cashews
  • Hazelnuts
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Pecans
  • Pine Nuts
  • Pistachios
  • Walnuts
  • And any other food, oil, paste, sauce, dressing containing nuts

This was something really hard to grasp as a young child. Understanding that I couldn't just eat what I wanted, share my friends food at recess, enjoy the snacks at the class party. It wasn't fair.

I haven't let it get me down over the years, most the time I make light of my situation, but don't get me wrong it is extremely hard, as most people don't understand the severity of the situation.

As I continue this 'All But Nuts' journey, I hope you understand the struggles a little bit more and see how lucky you are to be allergy free!


xxx All But Nuts xxx